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Candidate Profile: Darryl Fults

Darrly Fults
Darrly Fults

Name: Darryl Fults

Age: 51

Immediate Family members: Spouse: JoAnn Fults Daughter: Holly Boeving Son: Justin Fults

Town: Waterloo/Paderborn area

Office seeking: Millstadt Township Road Commissioner

Occupation: Superintendent of Public Works/Smithton

Previous and current elected offices and terms served: Previously appointed Millstadt Township Road Commissioner

Why are you running? I feel our tax dollars are not being used correctly within the road district. I intend to make sure the spending is brought under control. If something is not done to curb the spending we will all be looking at a tax increase because of the road district.

What is your view on township government and its role? Township government is pivotal to the functioning of small, rural towns, including Millstadt, Illinois. The government not only ensures that residents have a voice, its role is crucial to the daily functioning of the town from oversight of road maintenance to trash collection and snow removal. As I previously served as the Highway Road Commissioner, I know first-hand how critical these duties are and without a township government, these duties would be assigned to the County, which has limited resources, if any to allocate to trash collection and road maintenance, as simple as fixing potholes. Wait times for snow removal would be excessive affecting residents, schools, businesses. It is crucial that these duties are completed quickly and efficiently – all of which is done on local tax dollars that stay local as opposed to tax dollars going to the County.

If you were writing a job description for the position you’re seeking, what would it say? Seeking a highly qualified candidate who has a thorough understanding and proven track record in evaluating and overseeing the maintenance of roads ensuring the highest quality while adhering to a restricted budget without increasing taxes.

What is the most important issue facing the Millstadt Township Road District? How would you approach it? Many of the residents may not be not aware of this, but if you examine public records, you will find the road district fund has decreased by over 50%. In my opinion, the most important issue our township faces now is in determining how to operate the most efficiently and effectively with a depleted fund. This is exactly what I have a proven track record in doing and I am determined to do again. While I was road commissioner I stayed within budget ensuring the townships tax dollars were not spent unnecessarily.

Why should people vote for you? Check the facts and you will see that, I was appointed as the Highway Road Commissioner for two years after serving as a township employee for nine years and working for the City of Millstadt for six years. I was also employed for IDOT part time for over 20 years and recently working as Superintendent of Public Works for Smithton. I have a clear and thorough understanding of the needs of our local township combined with the knowledge of larger municipalities on a state-wide level. During my time as the Highway Road Commissioner, I successfully operated the road district within a tight budget while still carrying over funds to the next year. I am a long-time resident of Millstadt with a vested interest in this town and its people, I am committed to doing this once again.