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Swansea police warn residents to lock doors after rash of vehicle burglaries

Swansea police are warning residents to lock their car doors after a number of vehicles were burglarized overnight Sunday into Monday morning.

The Swansea Police Department issued a “code red” to alert residents about the burglaries. Swansea Police Chief Steve Johnson said the department has had at least 10 reports of burglaries to vehicles in neighborhoods to the south and to the west of Mel Price Park. Johnson said most of the vehicles were left unlocked. One vehicle was stolen from the same area. The thefts are believed to have occurred starting at 7 p.m. Sunday through early Monday morning.

“We do have some leads that we are following up on,” Johnson said. “If there are any home owners in that area who have surveillance cameras, we’re hoping they will go back and look at their footage and let us know if they see anything suspicious.”

Johnson said mostly change and other miscellaneous items were taken from the vehicles. Nothing of value, he said, was stolen.

“This is a good reminder that no matter how safe you think the area you live in is that you should lock your car doors at night and remove anything valuable from your vehicle,” Johnson said.

A “code red” is a message that is delivered to any Swansea residents who sign up for the service. Johnson said it was rare for his department to issue a “code red,” saying they last did it last month about a shooting that took place in town. Prior to that, it had been several months since the department used the service, he said.

Anyone with information about the burglaries can call Swansea police at 618-233-8114.

Don O’Brien: 618-239-2626, @DOBrienBND