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Tammy Duckworth statement on President Trump’s new travel ban


U.S. Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Chicago, released a statement after President Donald J. Trump signed a new Muslim travel ban:

“Just like his last Muslim ban, this executive order plays into our enemy’s hands by giving them a propaganda tool to spread a false narrative about the United States hating Muslims,” Duckworth said in a news release. “This ban will not make our country safer and betrays the American values those of us who served in uniform fought to defend. Discrimination is discrimination and no amount of sugarcoating by the President will change that.

“President Trump’s last Muslim ban created chaos for my constituents and Americans across the nation. Multiple federal courts rightfully halted implementation over concerns surrounding its legality and constitutionality. I am confident this new order will not stand either, if not in the courts then at the ballot box.”

Don O’Brien: 618-239-2626, @DOBrienBND

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