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Madison County man sentenced for fake bomb threats, violates probation on the same day

Kiyree D. Collins
Kiyree D. Collins

A 20-year-old Alton man who called in a fake bomb threat to two schools in September violated his probation on the same day he was sentenced for the crime, according to Madison County court records.

Kiyree D. Collins pleaded guilty in February to calling in a threat to Alton High School and Middle School on Sept. 19. The schools each received a phone call reporting a bomb being present on both campuses. The schools were evacuated and the remainder of the school day was canceled, though investigators did not find any bombs.

Collins was sentenced Feb. 10 to two years probation and 134 days in jail, which he had already served since he was charged in November. One of the conditions of his sentence was that he would not violate any criminal statutes — a condition he violated on the same day he was sentenced.

Collins is accused of battering a security guard at the JCPenney in Alton Square Mall on Feb. 10. Collins battered the guard after the guard tried to stop him from stealing merchandise, according to Lt. Jarrett Ford, chief of detectives for the Alton Police Department.

Collins was charged with aggravated battery to a merchant Feb. 14 and arrested two days later. He posted bond and was released March 6.

An initial court appearance was scheduled for Monday morning.