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Mascoutah fire chief injured in crash in Belleville


Mascoutah Fire Chief Joe Zinck
Mascoutah Fire Chief Joe Zinck

The Mascoutah fire chief was injured in a vehicle accident Tuesday.

Joe Zinck was driving south on Green Mount Road near Eckert’s Country Store when he crested a hill and hit the rear of another car, he said from his room at Saint Louis University Hospital on Wednesday.

Belleville Fire Chief Tom Pour said his department responded to the crash, which involved four vehicles.

“It’s a difficult thing on Green Mount Road,” Pour said.

There are several traffic signals on the road, but during busy times, traffic can back up to the top of the hill near Eckert’s where other commuters can’t see it, Pour said.

Crashes there occur “almost daily,” he added. He thought that someday an extra lane would be added to serve more traffic, but right now, “there’s really no good solution” to the problem.

Zinck, who was the only person to be transported from the scene in an ambulance, suffered an injury to one of his ankles and had surgery Tuesday evening, he said. He said he expected to be released from the hospital Thursday morning.