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Shiloh man charged with burglary after telling police he broke into church property

A Shiloh man has been charged with burglary after he confessed to police that he broke into a shed at a Cahokia church.

Deterick Green, 45, told police he used a crowbar to break into a shed at Power of Change Christian Church in Cahokia and took a red powerwasher, weedeaters, a leafblower and a vacuum, according to police reports.

The church confirmed that those items were missing, but in its initial call to police, the main damage reported was inside the church. Green told police multiple times he did not go inside the church.

Police arrived at the church March 30 around 1 a.m. after an employee there got a call from the alarm company about a motion detector going off and went to check it out. The employee found the rear door open and called police, according to the report.

Once inside, police found a shattered window leading to the entryway for the finished portion of the church, according to the report. One TV was missing from the lobby and another had broken plastic underneath it, making it look like someone had tried to pull it off its mount.

St. Clair County prosecutors charged Green with the burglary at the church, a Class 1 felony. Green’s preliminary hearing is May 26. His bail has been set at 40,000.