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20-foot pet python escapes; owner asks for help to locate it

A 20-foot pet Burmese python has gone missing in the Missouri Ozarks and its owner asked people to be on the look out, according to the Springfield News-Leader.

Ben Trexell, who lives near Rogersville, Missouri, told the News-Leader he last saw his snake, named SS Wraps, which is short for Super Snake, on Thursday.

“I don’t want him killed,” Trexel said. “But if someone feels threatened, I understand.”

The brown and tan snake is as thick as a football, Trexel said.

Trexel last saw his snake on Thursday evening, when it was curled up in a ball in the corner of its cage.

By the next day, the python was gone.

Overnight, a tree branch fell through the roof of the porch, where Trexel keeps the cage, and allowed the python to slither away.

Trexel said he has been searching for SS Wraps ever since. He notified all his neighbors and had a search party organized on Saturday.

“He means a lot to my family,” Trexel said. “I don’t want anybody harmed and I don’t want him harmed.”