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Women’s group donates $18,000 to St. John Bosco Children’s Center

Women4given, a women’s charity group based in O’Fallon, announced it gave $18,000 to the St. John Bosco Children’s Center in Belleville on Thursday.

The money will pay for a new oven, a sink, some cabinet repairs and new paint, according to Caritas Family Solutions, a social services agency that manages the children’s center.

Marsha Heffner, the executive director for Women4given, said she was inspired to give to the center after hearing a story about a boy who came there for treatment following severe food-related trauma.

“I thought, ‘that little boy needs this kitchen, he needs a safe environment, he needs the love and care he will receive from St. John Bosco,’” Heffner said in a news release.

Donations are paid by members who give $1 a day.