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Want to stay safe this Memorial Day? Firefighters have some advice.


Belleville fire chief offers safety tips for Memorial Day

This is how to stay safe and enjoy Memorial Day.
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This is how to stay safe and enjoy Memorial Day.

Belleville Fire Chief Tom Pour is offering the community some tips for staying safe this Memorial Day.

“Whether you’re going to be at your home grilling, going camping, swimming, whatever you’re doing, we have a few safety precautions we’d like to talk about,” Pour said in a video posted to the department’s Facebook page.

Here are some tips from the chief for staying safe:

▪  Make sure your grill is clean. Grease left on grills can cause fires.

▪  Keep your grill at least 10 feet away from the siding of your house, plants or any combustibles.

▪  Never leave your grill unattended.

▪  Make sure brush is cleared away from campfires.

▪  Keep campfires far away from tents.

▪  Make sure there are no stumbling hazards near the fire and keep children away from fire.

▪  Make sure everyone wears a flotation device when boating.

▪  Never leave children unattended around water.

▪  Stay hydrated, especially in hot weather.

▪  Drink alcohol in moderation.

▪  Make sure you have a designated driver if you plan to drink.

“We want to make sure we come and see you at the station for a tour, that we’re not coming to your car accident along the side of the road,” Pour said.

Memorial Day is Monday.