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Want mermaid hair? Check out this Belleville salon.

OK, let’s talk about mermaid hair, unicorn tresses and Kylie Jenner’s highlighter look.

With a new wave of crazy hair colors emerging on the scene, more men and women in the metro-east are choosing to go bold. (Seriously, I saw three “mermaids” last week on my way to get sushi.)

That’s why Hair on Main in downtown Belleville and other salons around town are keeping up with the demand by keeping a wide range of colors in their supply rooms.

Want to look like a mermaid? Try a blend of blue and green. Are unicorns your thing? Go for a combination of pink, purple and highlighter yellow. Yes, this salon has highlighter colors for Kylie Jenner fans who want to achieve the celebrity’s Coachella Music Festival-look.



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Laura White, a stylist and colorist at Hair on Main, is the person to call if you’re ready to take the plunge. Prices range $50 to $75 for mermaid hair and other crazy colors.

Warning: If you’re a brunette, you’ll have lighten your hair before dying it. This process will make your appointment longer, but nobody said transforming into a mermaid would be easy.

When your hair is prepped and ready, the color choices seem endless. From electric pink to bright blue, White looks to Pinterest for inspiration.

The final product, a super bright color, gives clients at Hair on Main a new attitude, she said.

“They light up,” White said. “Their whole personality changes. I love it. That’s the best part of my job. I want to make women feel good about themselves.”

Hair color makes Tara Keck stand out in a crowd.

We recently met at Seven Lounge in downtown Belleville. Our encounter went like this.

“Your hair is so cool,” I squealed. “Who did it?”

“I did,” Keck said with a smile.

Her mermaid look took about three hours to achieve, but I wouldn’t recommend trying this at home unless you’ve dyed your own hair before.

Keck is a bit of a home haircare expert. It takes time and patience to achieve her colorful looks. Keck spent about eight hours on her unicorn hair look. In my opinion, she totally nailed it.

Do you have mermaid hair? Tweet it to me @CaraRAnthony! I’m dying to see it.

Cara Anthony is a reporter at the Belleville News-Democrat. In an occasional column, she will discuss life as a first time mom, millennial drama and mermaid hair.