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Illinois State Police warns against statewide phone scam

Illinois State Police is warning Illinois residents about a statewide phone scam.

Police said scam victims have received calls from someone claiming to be associated with Illinois State Police. The caller says he or she is seeking donations for officers who died in the line of duty.

The phone number most associated with the call is 312-789-5176, police said, but phone scammers can change their number quickly, so other numbers are possible. Police advised residents to be especially wary of callers who become irritated or pushy when asking for donations.

Illinois State Police never solicits money over the phone or ask anyone to send money for any reason. Police said those who believe they have been the victim can report the scam to the Office of the Illinois Attorney General by calling 1-800-243-0618.

More information about phone scams and indicators of phone scams can be found on the Attorney General’s website and on the Federal Trade Commission’s website for consumers.