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Budget cuts will cost about 80 people their jobs at SIUC

About 80 people will lose their jobs on the Southern Illinois University Carbondale campus, according to the Southern Illinoisan.

Dozens more will also be affected in coming weeks at the university. Administrators have been working to find $19 million in permanent reductions since late March, and to account for 10 payments to reimburse money spent that the university did not receive.

“We built much of our permanent reduction on vacant positions in order to avoid layoffs, but unfortunately, layoffs and the non-renewal of some contracts are unavoidable,” Interim Chancellor Brad Colwell in a memo. “Decisions affecting members of our community are deeply painful to all of us. We will do all we can to assist those employees who are affected.”

Layoff notices will go to 51 civil service employees, the Southern Illinoisan reported, and 24 nontenure-track faculty members’ contracts will not be renewed, as well as two nontenure-track faculty previously given notices of layoff . While nonrenewal of a contract isn’t technically a layoff, the result is the same for those employees.

Close to 100 civil service employees, including nurses, janitorial staff and maintenance, will learn that their job could be affected because of a bumping process, where a person with higher seniority can “bump” into a position of someone with less seniority. Two administrative professional staff positions aren’t being renewed as well.

Colwell’s memo didn’t mention any layoffs planned for tenured or tenure-track faculty.

Some nontenure-track faculty members were told their job was “maybe” safe, leading to uncertainly within the university, especially during a year when the budget is already unstable.

In addition, about 200 undergraduate student worker positions may be cut next year, and Colwell is unsure if graduate assistantships will be cut.

“Overall, we will be a different university with the loss of these colleagues and positions, but I remain confident that we can continue to fulfill our mission on behalf of our students,” Colwell wrote.

SIUE administrators have said no layoffs or furloughs are planned at the Edwardsville campus.