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Gun violence continues in St. Louis; numbers on par with recent years

Two shootings occurred Sunday night at Terry and Euclid in the Penrose neighborhood in St. Louis, KMOV reports.

The TV station reports homicide detectives were called to the scene after a man and woman were shot. Initial indications were that he was conscious and breathing — she was not.

This shooting came after a weekend — if not a month — of shooting violence that has occurred in the city. However, records show the city is not seeing an unusual number of murders in 2017 compared to recent years.

Numbers obtained from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department show that from Jan. 1 through June 4 there were 74 homicides this year. That compares to 73 in 2016 as well as 2015, but 54 in 2014.

Even so, the Associate Press reported that police investigated an additional two separate shootings — one that killed a man around 3:15 a.m. Saturday on the city’s north side and one that injured a 12-year-old boy in the leg early Sunday.

Last week, police investigated multiple shootings across St. Louis that left 10 people dead and injured several others in a matter of three days.

In one of those shootings, 7-year-old Deniya Irving was shot in the head. While multiple media outlets report she remains on life support, both of her parents died as result of the shooting.

As of Monday morning, parents from her Avery Elementary kindergarten class raised nearly $5,500 for the girl’s family through a GoFundMe account.

The recent rash of violence has not gone unnoticed by the city’s residents, as even 6-year-old Jeffrey Laney had something to say about it in a video on May 15.

“Me and my mom — we live in St. Louis,” Jeffrey Laney said in the video. “And I’m coming to tell you all why people need to stop killing each other around here, because this is just making me feel bad, because I don’t want nothing to happen. I’m scared to death.”

As of Monday morning, the video had been viewed on Facebook more than 219,000 times.

Shortly after it was posted, rapper Terrence “Pusha T” Thornton penned a letter to the boy.

In the letter — addressed to “Lil J” — the rapper said he understood how scary the violence is to Laney and children across the country. Pusha T said Laney’s video “really woke him up” and he wished the child could teach him about fun and games — rather than the violence taking place in his city.

He paid for Laney and his cousins to go to summer camp at the Boys and Girls Club and arranged a trip to Six Flags Amusement Park in St. Louis for them.

The rapper also started a college fund for the 6-year-old boy.

St. Louis homicides from 2014-2017

Here are the number of homicides reported to St. Louis Metropolitan police between Jan. 1 and June 4:

  • 2014 — 54
  • 2015 — 73
  • 2016 — 73
  • 2017 — 74

SOURCE: St. Louis Metropolitan Police