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Read the BND’s coverage of the James Hodgkinson case

The Belleville News-Democrat has had extensive coverage of the congressional baseball shooter identified by police as James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville.

The Belleville native was killed Wednesday morning after wounding four people, including U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise, R-Louisiana, at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Va.

Here’s a rundown of BND coverage since the June 14 shooting:

▪  Hodgkinson ‘fueled by rage,’ says report recounting his congressional attack

▪  Scalise back at work: ‘You have no idea how good this feels’

▪  Congressional shooting victim will be on ‘60 Minutes,’ is back at work

▪  Congressman shot by Belleville man back in ICU in serious condition

▪  Wife says Hodgkinson grew angry after illness in ’90s, went ‘bananas’ after election

▪  Police investigation points to suicide in 1996 death of Hodgkinson’s foster daughter

▪  Scalise in fair condition; Shimkus says ‘violent rhetoric’ is on both sides

▪  Hodgkinson acted alone, visited Sanders’ office, FBI says

▪  FBI releases details in congressional shooting investigation

▪  Davis recounts shooting, urges end to ‘over-the-top’ political rhetoric

▪  Five days later, few details are available in Hodgkinson death, FBI investigation

▪  Five stories to read: Key moments in the BND’s coverage of Hodgkinson

▪  Congressional shooter was abusive alcoholic, foster daughter told judge before overdose death

▪  Reports: Hodgkinson had list with names of congressmen

▪  ‘This isn’t a movie, this is the real deal,’ Shimkus says

▪  Video: Rep. Shimkus reflects on Congressional Baseball Game

▪  He mentioned having to work 6 days a week. Then Hodgkinson went on a Trump tirade.

▪  Not much ‘mental anguish’ – former Capitol Police chief weighs in on shooting of Hodgkinson

▪  While living in van, Hodgkinson had contact with Durbin’s office

▪  BND reporter offers insight to local coverage of congressional shooter

▪  ATF releases photo of types of guns Hodgkinson had

▪  Hodgkinson’s social media: Kobe Bryant, Mr. Sulu, lots of liberal politics

▪  FBI on mass shootings: See something, say something

▪  What drives the online reaction after a story like Hodgkinson breaks?

▪  Wife says Hodgkinson told her he was going to Capitol to ‘change the tax brackets’

▪  Video: James T. Hodgkinson was going to change taxes, wife of shooter says

▪  Neighbor with sign for GOP candidate thinks Hodgkinson slashed tires

▪  Congressional shooter was ‘regular guy’ who went to D.C. to ‘protest,’ niece says

▪  Video: Sheriff's deputy discusses James T. Hodgkinson, aftermath of shooting

▪  Before becoming congressional shooter, James Hodgkinson shot as this teen fled

▪  ‘Very angry’ Hodgkinson rummaged through county desk before being banned

▪  Local Sanders backers say they never heard of Hodgkinson before shooting

▪  Hodgkinson went unnoticed in Virginia — except when he unplugged someone’s laptop

▪  Madness on a baseball field, and a war to win against hate

▪  Davis, wife share emotions after baseball field shooting

▪  In wake of shooting, has Belleville area been mischaracterized?

▪  Video: Alderman defends Belleville after Virginia shooting

▪  For another James Hodgkinson, shooting brings threats, nude photos, invite to join ISIS

▪  Hodgkinson had rifle and handgun, purchased legally, FBI says

▪  Scalise shooting sparks security, safety concerns in D.C. and at home

▪  James Hodgkinson: high school athlete, political gadfly, distraught father, accused shooter

▪  Rep. Davis says he thought fellow congressman was dead

▪  Hodgkinson letters: ‘I have never said life sucks, only the policies of the Republicans’

▪  Belleville residents shocked by congressional shooting

▪  Hodgkinson’s Facebook page removed after getting quick initial reaction

▪  Congressional shooter was told in March to stop shooting in woods

▪  Reaction to congressional shooting quickly goes political

▪  Former mayor of Alexandria was acquaintance of congressional shooter

▪  Hodgkinson is second man from metro-east accused in a Washington-area shooting

▪  Here’s what congressional shooter from Belleville asked the Answer Man

▪  Belleville man killed in Virginia shootout ‘seemed like a normal guy, a regular guy’

▪  Video: Neighbor talks about congressional shooter Hodgkinson

▪  Video: Blues PA announcer Tom Calhoun knew congressional shooter from school

▪  Video: Witness video captures gunshots at Republican congressional baseball practice

▪  Video: Sheriff Rick Watson explains why congressional shooter wasn't arrested in March

▪  Video: Target practice? Neighbor in March called cops on Congress shooter

▪  Video: Childhood friend remembers Belleville man who shot Congressman

▪  Video: Belleville residents react to Alexandria, Va., shooting

▪  Video: Congressional shooter named as 66-year-old man from Belleville

▪ Video: Alexandria Police and witness recount shooting at congressional baseball practice

▪  Video: Feds arrive at dead shooter's house in Belleville