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Nurse assistant charged with stealing medicine from patient

Janviere Harris
Janviere Harris

A 37-year-old Collinsville woman is facing charges of stealing medications from an assisted living facility patient in Troy.

Troy police said after a June 2 traffic stop and search of her car, Janviere Harris was charged with forgery, theft and five counts of possession of controlled substance. All charges are felonies.

Harris, a nursing assistant, was free on a recognizance bond Tuesday and said she’s innocent. She said the medications were her own, and were prescribed to her.

“They’re mine. I have a prescription for every last one, every single pill,” she said. Harris accused Troy police of harassing her.

Police say Harris was driving without a license when she was pulled over June 2. As officers completed an inventory of her car for towing, they found “several types of prescription medications.”

During an investigation into the substances, police said, it was determined some of the medications were taken from an assisted living patient.

The charges were filed by the Madison County State’s Attorney’s Office on June 5.

“I commend my officers for their excellent work on this case. Going above and beyond the basic traffic stop works to remove illegally obtained prescription medications from the streets of Troy,” Chief Brad Parsons said in a a Facebook post. “I’m glad that we were able to uncover this incident before other patients’ prescription medications were stolen.”

The forgery charge carries three to five years in prison. The theft and controlled substance charges carry a sentence of one to three years in prison.