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Caseyville man took photos of girls and women at water park, police say

Melvin E. Hock
Melvin E. Hock

A Caseyville man walked around a Collinsville water park, taking photos of girls and women wearing swimsuits, police say.

Splash City Waterpark called police after they received complaints from two patrons that Melvin E. Hock, 59, was allegedly taking videos and photos of people at the water park.

When police searched Hock’s phone, they found 29 images and four videos of girls wearing swimsuits, ranging from 5-35 years old, according to a news release. The photos appear to have been taken on four separate days.

There was no evidence that the photos were being taken for the purpose of sexual gratification, police said.

Hock was charged with disorderly conduct and was released after posting bond.