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A girl’s gift card was stolen at a parade. The restaurant is giving her a year of free meals.

The Pistol City Restaurant.
The Pistol City Restaurant. BND file photo

After a restaurant gift card caught by a young girl at a Fourth of July parade was stolen by an older woman after the parade, the restaurant wants to make it up to her.

Pistol City Restaurant general manager Kyle Hinnerichs saw a Facebook post talking about how the girl, Summer, caught the card at the Steeleville Fourth of July parade, then had it taken from her hands by an older woman. The restaurant is in Coulterville.

“We feel this is totally unacceptable, and just horrible in every way,” he said. “Mean people suck.”

Every year, Pistol City throws out gift cards at the parade, with varying amounts of money on them.

When general manager Kyle Hinnerichs found out about the card theft, he reach out to Summer through her older sister and offered to send her a $10 gift card to the restaurant.

Every year, Pistol City throws out pre-loaded gift cards at the Steeleville 4th of July parade. Usually, 250 cards are...

Posted by Pistol City Restaurant on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

But after seeing the reaction to his post on Facebook about the incident, Hinnerichs wanted to do more.

“More than anything, I thought that I REALLY wanted to hammer home the message that when bad things happen to good people, EVEN MORE good people usually come together to make things right (Have we not all learned this from Oprah and Ellen?),” Hinnerichs wrote on Facebook. “I then realized that one of the only things that’s better than owning your own business and being able to do the right thing, is being friends with LOTS of other business owners who love to help do the right thing too.”

So he organized a group of business owners and put together a package of gifts for Summer, which included two free buffet meals every week for a year from Pistol City.

As for the gift card thief? Hinnerichs knows “exactly who she is,” and she’s no longer welcome at Pistol City.

“While we value all our customers, we do not value thieves,” the post read. “To the original gift card still suck. :)”

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Posted by Pistol City Restaurant on Thursday, July 6, 2017