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Granite City man finds winning lottery ticket in glove box

A Granite City man was cleaning out his glove box when he happened upon a few Missouri Lottery tickets, and while checking for winners, he discovered he’d won about $12 before looking at the last ticket.

That ticket made Steven Neal $50,000 richer.

“They were actually in the glove box in my car, and I didn’t find it until the other day. I was digging through and found the tickets,” Neal said to Missouri Lottery officials. “I usually buy tickets for 14 draws at one time because I live in Illinois. So anytime I’m in Missouri, I’ll buy some tickets.”

He cashed the Show Me Cash tickets in last Friday, two months after the numbers were drawn.

Neal told officials he used a combination of his four kids’ birthdays to pick the five winning numbers.

He said he will split the winnings with his wife and pay off some bills. Neal purchased the ticket from Riverview MotoMart in St. Louis.

“I think it has the best chances of winning. It’s only got 39 numbers, and it draws once a day,” he said of the lottery game.