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This dog has suffered terrible abuse. You can help save her.

Glamour is one of the worst cases of animal abuse Stray Rescue has seen.
Glamour is one of the worst cases of animal abuse Stray Rescue has seen.

A dog found abandoned in East St. Louis is one of the worst abuse cases Stray Rescue has ever seen.

Her knee is shattered, her forearm is fractured, her jaw is broken, she has two broken ribs, a ruptured eyeball that will need to be removed, a deep wound on her neck, bullet wounds in her neck and knees and she’s heartworm positive.

And someone left her in a vacant lot in East St. Louis to die.

Even so, Glamour, as Stray Rescue named her, has love to give. She can’t walk well because of her injuries, and she’ll have to have one of her legs amputated. But she’s happy to give some love.

“This dog deserves to be saved,” said Randy Grim, Stray Rescue’s founder. “She didn’t deserve what happened to her. It kills me how a dog can be so abused and so loving.”

Stray Rescue got a call, saying there was a dog outside the caller’s house. The caller went to give her water, and noticed how beat up she looked. They asked Stray Rescue to help.

Glamour is one of the worst abuse cases they’ve seen, Grim said. He can only think of one other dog who suffered like she did and lived.

But despite it all, she greets her rescuers with tail wags and kisses.

Stray Rescue is asking for the public’s help to pay for Glamour’s recovery.

“To her, her cries are a cry for action to end this senseless abuse,” Grim said in a comment on Stay Rescue’s Facebook.

An anonymous donor gave $2,000 for anyone who can give information on what happened to Glamour. East St. Louis police are investigating and looking for a suspect in the abuse case.