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Former Hollywood Heights fire chief dies, remembered as a ‘mentor’

Earl “Buddy” Moore
Earl “Buddy” Moore

A former Hollywood Heights Fire Department chief – remembered as a mentor and leader – has died.

Earl “Buddy” Moore, 63, died about 10 p.m. Sunday, less than a month after he retired as chief, according to Chief John Grimm Jr.

Moore spent 45 years in the service and 25 years as chief of the department, Grimm said. He was Grimm’s mentor for 34 years, Grimm said, adding that he was a memorable sort of character.

“You would never miss him by his voice on the radio for a fire call,” Grimm said. “You could hear him in 20 counties when he got on the radio. He said he wanted to make sure that anybody could hear him and not mistake who it was.”

When asked if he had any particular memories of Moore, Grimm said: “There are so many of them I couldn’t go through all of them. There were many fires me and him battled together, by ourselves. There were some good and some sad times, but he would do anything that he could to help anybody.”

Moore went into the hospital the day after his retirement party and stayed there until his death Sunday, Grimm said.

Funeral and memorial arrangements for Moore were pending as of Monday morning.

The Hollywood Heights Fire Department is an all-volunteer department founded in 1953, serving east Caseyville and 26.5 square miles.