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Millstadt mystery stallion was sneaking out of pasture between feeding times

Lost horse runs wild in rural Millstadt area

An elusive stallion was running loose periodically for three weeks.
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An elusive stallion was running loose periodically for three weeks.

The mystery of the stallion running loose around Millstadt was solved Saturday.

The stallion was sneaking out of its enclosure and returning before feeding time, so its owner did not notice its disappearance, according to the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department.

The horse was from a property in the 2600 block of Glaubler Road, according to the sheriff’s report, not far from where the horse was seen running free. The owner told a sheriff’s deputy he believed the horse might have been escaping from a weak part of the pasture fence. The owner said he will keep the horse in a new enclosure until the pasture fence is repaired.

The owner had recently purchased the stud horse from Missouri, where it was with a herd in a large pasture, according to the report. The horse may have been wandering off the property in search of other horse companions.

Sara Yoch, of nearby Smithton, said she suspected the horse had been escaping from his barn because he was so clean and healthy-looking.

“I guess that horse is one smart fella,” Yoch said.

The stallion was spotted numerous times in rural Millstadt in the past few weeks, but no one had been able to catch it.

“Luckily no one, including the horse, was hurt,” Yoch said. “This is a lesson to anyone who has horses to make sure they’re locked up.”

Kelsey Landis contributed to this report.

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