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He allegedly committed an armed robbery, then went to police to report it

Joshua L.T. Franklin
Joshua L.T. Franklin

An East Alton man was charged with armed robbery after he went to the police station to report that he had witnessed the robbery.

Police were called to the Wood River Convenient Market at 222 E. Edwardsville Road, for a report of an armed robbery at 7:45 p.m. Friday. Shortly after the robbery, the suspect was seen near the East Alton Wood River High School, according to a news release.

Within an hour of the robbery, East Alton Police said a person matching the description of the armed robbery suspect was inside their lobby, wanting to report a robbery in Wood River.

When officers arrived, they found Joshua L.T. Franklin, 19, and arrested him in connection with the armed robbery, according to the release. Wood River Deputy Chief Dan Blunt said Franklin must not have realized how good the surveillance video the store had was.

Police found clothing, money and a weapon at Franklin’s home after they obtained a search warrant to inspect it. Franklin had a pistol during the robbery, Blunt said. No one was hurt.

Franklin was taken to the Madison County Jail on Monday, and his bail is set at $125,000.