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Ameren Illinois warns customers of scam phone calls

If you get a call from Ameren Illinois demanding you immediately pay your bill with a prepaid debit card, ignore it.

The call is a scam, according to a Tuesday afternoon tweet sent by Ameren. Callers are asking consumers to make a payment from a prepaid debit card and have threatened to immediately disconnect services if the payment is not made.

“Our business customers in particular have been recent targets of this scam, however, residential customers must also be vigilant because they are often targeted with a variety of scam tactics as well,” Shirley Stennis, director of customer service for Ameren Illinois said in a news release.

“Scammers claim they will disconnect service within the hour if a payment isn’t made. This is not a practice or policy of Ameren Illinois. In fact, we give our customers the opportunity to make payment arrangements and would never demand a payment in this manner.”

Ameren received reports Tuesday from eight businesses in Swansea and Belleville of callers claiming to be Ameren, demanding payments by prepaid card. The scammers hit Decatur on Monday and Peoria last week.

No one was conned out of any money Tuesday, the release stated.

If you receive a call like this, report it to Ameren at 800-755-5000.