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Fire destroys Swansea garage

A fire quickly consumed a garage on vacant property in the 100 block of Gilbert Street in Swansea Wednesday night.

According to Swansea Fire Chief John McGuire, police officers on patrol in the area arrived first around 9:20 p.m. and saw smoke coming from the detached garage. Within just a few moments, he said, the garage was engulfed.

McGuire said the fire generated intense heat that melted a portion of the siding of another garage just a few feet away. He said there was no other property damage.

Neighbor Cory Eiskant, who lives two doors down, watched the fire.

“It was fully engulfed. The flames were probably 25 feet above the roof,” he said. “I could feel the heat. It was hotter than hell.”

The fire was quickly extinguished and no one was reported injured. McGuire said the property has been vacant for months and that an eviction notice was posted at the front of the house.

Northwest Fire Protection District crews assisted Swansea firefighters at the scene.