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Trenton man charged with impersonating police officer, trying to pull over woman

Christopher D. Reddin
Christopher D. Reddin

A Trenton man who allegedly pretended to be a police officer when he pulled a woman over in Clinton County is now facing multiple charges, police say.

Christopher D. Reddin, 22, was charged with aggravated battery, reckless driving, reckless conduct, criminal damage to property and false impersonation of a police officer, according to the Clinton County Jail. Not all of these charges, however, stemmed from the alleged police impersonation.

The woman told law enforcement that a man followed her vehicle Oct. 21 on back roads between Breese and Trenton, according to the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department. The man blocked her path forward with his car, she told police, and said he was an undercover police officer. She refused to get out of her car without seeing his badge, and when he didn’t show identification, he let her go.

Reddin was already booked in the Clinton County Jail on unrelated charges when the woman identified him Oct. 24. He was facing two counts of aggravated battery and criminal damage to property, which he was charged with Oct. 24. He was charged Friday with impersonating a police officer.

He was initially taken into custody on a warrant to revoke his probation for a January aggravated battery conviction.

As of Sunday morning, Reddin remained in the Clinton County Jail. His bail was set at $100,000.