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Troy residents will see brown water for next day or so, officials say

Troy residents were in for a surprise Monday when they turned on their faucets, as city officials say the water is brown after a filter valve malfunction at the water treatment plant.

“We are working on the situation. We have sampled chlorine levels and they are found to be within normal limits,” Rob Hancock, Troy Public Works Director, wrote on Facebook.

Hancock noted the water turned brown because of excessive iron and manganese, a result of the valve malfunction.

City officials plan to flush the water system to reduce the brown water.

“We will make every effort to flush the system but you may experience brown water for the next 24 hours,” Hancock wrote.

Residents should not do laundry until the water is no longer brown.

City officials have contacted the Illinois EPA and are following the agency’s guidelines.

There is no boil order currently in effect.

For more information, call Troy City Hall at 618-667-9924.