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Woman whose shooting spurred local manhunt dies

AP file photo

The woman whose shooting spurred a local manhunt for the late Isaac Jimenez has died of her injuries.

Melissa McCart, 27, of Affton was shot in the head on Sunday and had been in critical condition ever since, according to St. Louis County Police. She died of her injuries late Wednesday, according to St. Louis County Poilce. The investigation had been conducted by the Crimes Against Persons Unit, and has now been turned over as a homicide investigation.

At the time of her shooting, McCart had had a restraining order against Jimenez, 27, of Worden. But when police attempted to bring Jimenez in for questioning, he was not at his home. There was an area-wide search, which ended Monday evening when Jimenez was reported trying to break into a home in Alton. Jimenez was approached by Alton Police, who said he displayed a handgun and refused to comply with commands. He was shot and killed in the altercation, which is now being investigated by the Illinois State Police.

St. Louis County spokesman Sgt. Brian Schellman said the homicide investigation is still active, and there is no other new information. Illinois State Police have said they are sharing information from their investigation of Jimenez’s death with St. Louis County law enforcement.