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These are the schools closing Tuesday because of the cold

The bitter cold expected for Tuesday is causing a flurry of closings announced Monday evening.

Schools that have announced that they will close Tuesday so far include:

▪  Althoff Catholic High School

▪  Alton District 11

▪  Belle Valley District 119

▪  Belleville District 118

▪  Belleville District 201

▪  Bethalto Community Unit School District 8

▪  The Catholic Children’s Home in Alton

▪  Central School District 104

▪  Columbia Community Unit School District 4

▪  Collinsville Unit 10

▪  Dupo Community Unit School District 196

▪  Edwardsville District 7

▪  East Alton District 13

▪  East Alton-Wood River High School District 14

▪  Granite City District 9

▪  Grant District 110

▪  High Mount District 116

▪  Harmony-Emge District 175

▪  Highland Community Unit School District 5

▪  Jersey Community Unit School District 100

▪  Lebanon Community Unit School District 9

▪  Madison District 12

▪  Marissa Community Unit School District 40

▪  Mascoutah School District 19

▪  O’Fallon School District 90 (Board of Education meeting to be held as planned at 7 p.m.)

▪  O’Fallon High School District 203

▪  O’Fallon District 90

▪  Red Bud Community Unit School District 132

▪  Roxana District 1

▪  Shiloh District 85

▪  Signal Hill District 181

▪  Smithon CCSD 130

▪  St. Paul Catholic School in Highland

▪  St. Paul Lutheran School Wood River

▪  St. Peter Lutheran School Dorsey

▪  Triad District 2

▪  Trinity Lutheran - Edwardsville

▪  Valmeyer District 3

▪  Venice Community Unit School District 3

▪  Waterloo Community School District 5

▪  West Washington County Community Unit School District #10

▪  Whiteside District 115

▪  Wolf Branch District 113

▪  Wood River-Hartford Elementary District 15

▪  Freeburg District 70

Stephen Taylor, a doctor from O'Fallon, talks about hypothermia, which people are at an increased risk for due to the bitterly cold temperatures the metro-east has been experiencing.

The National Weather Service showed Monday evening conditions as 12 degrees, with an anticipated low of 3 degrees and a wind chill factor as low as -20. An advisory has been issued for extreme cold until noon Tuesday, covering much of Missouri and southwestern Illinois.

The wind chill can cause frostbite in as little as 30 minutes to exposed skin, and hypothermia can set in quickly. People are advised that if they must venture outdoors, be sure to wear a hat and gloves and make sure all exposed skin is covered.

Crews were working to melt the ice away, but there’s a point where the salt loses its saltiness, according to KY3. Crews purposely leave some snow on the road so they don’t clear it too thin and only have a sheet of ice underneath. They’ll likely have to add another chemical to the salt to make it work better in the cold.

Belleville woke up to snow Monday morning.

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