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Coroner: Woman who died of meningitis last week was not contagious

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A woman who died in Highland last week of meningitis was not contagious to the public, officials announced Wednesday.

Elizabeth Schreck, 30, of Durham, Mo., was in Highland last week for a cake designing seminar. During the course of the seminar, she complained of a headache as well as neck and back pain. According to the Madison County Coroner’s Office, she had sought only chiropractic care for her illness, which turned out to be meningitis. She died on April 14.

The coroner’s office and Madison County Health Department determined that Schreck’s meningitis was caused by a bacterica known as streptococcus pneumoniae. This type of meningitis is not communicable to others, according to the coroner’s office, and therefore no preventative treatment is needed for those who might have come in contact with Schreck.

Funeral services were handled by Arnold’s Funeral Home of Lewistown, Mo.

Anyone with questions or concerns should contact the Madison County Health Department at 692-8954, ext. 2 for the nursing department.