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Group says lawsuits continue to bring down Illinois’ economy

A business-backed group that keeps tabs on Illinois courts says it has conducted a new study showing litigation hurts the state’s economic growth.

The Illinois Civil Justice League’s president, John Pastuovic, said the study, called Litigation Imbalance III, “has uncovered disturbing data that shows why business has been hesitant to invest in Illinois and has taken meaningful jobs elsewhere.”

The group says a problematic volume of lawsuit filings “has deepened in Cook County, intensified in Madison and St. Clair counties, and taken root in downstate Jackson, Jefferson and Williamson counties.”

“Creating new and meaningful jobs is the solution for nearly every major issue facing Illinois today,” Pastuovic said. “Unfortunately, the data detailed in this report as well as the findings in other national studies have made small, medium and large companies justifiably gunshy about our state. Businesses cannot and will not reinvest in Illinois until these established, deep-rooted and documented problems are addressed once and for all.”

The Illinois Trial Lawyers Association says the study is more bunk from a corporate front group. The lawyer group says ICJL simply wants to shield corporations from liability for misconduct.

The study is on the ICJL’s website,