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He gets that ‘warm and fuzzy feeling’ by setting fires, officials say

Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis Provided photo

Intentionally setting fires to homes and garages gives one Centralia man a “warm and fuzzy feeling,” according to Marion County prosecutors.

Twenty-two-year-old Andrew Davis is accused of setting multiple fires on Jan. 28 in Centralia. Davis reportedly told investigators after his arrest that setting fires gave him a “warm and fuzzy feeling.”

During a bail hearing Tuesday, Davis’ attorney suggested home confinement while awaiting trial, according to WJBD Radio. But prosecutor Melissa Doran told the court that Davis had set fire to his own room when his parents had once grounded him.

The judge denied home confinement and set his bail at $100,000, WJBD reported.

Police say the man admitted, in detail, to setting two fires on South Locust Street in Centralia. He said he then went to a vacant mobile home on South Hickory, where he warmed himself up and then set that building on fire.

Blaze Snow

The day after the fires police arrested a different man in connection to the fire. But Davis turned himself in about a week later and eventually the charges against the other man, Blaze Snow, were dropped.