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Witness says car flipped 3 times, went airborne in Caseyville crash that ended in arrest

A single-car crash on Monday in Caseyville resulted in the driver being arrested, police say.
A single-car crash on Monday in Caseyville resulted in the driver being arrested, police say. Caseyville Police Department

A driver crashed his car on a quiet street in Caseyville on Monday, causing the car to flip multiple times before jumping out and running from police before being arrested, according to witnesses.

The man crashed on South Main Street and Morris Street sometime between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., according to the Caseyville Police Department.

Elise Szarek said the car crashed at the end of her driveway at 212 South Main St., pulverizing a 3-foot-tall brick retaining wall and tearing up her yard.

Szarek said her nanny, who was watching Szarek's two children at the time of the crash, saw the car flip three times after hitting the railroad tracks and going airborne.

"She told me it sounded like a freight train was coming down the tracks," she said. "She looked out the window and as she did, she heard crashing sounds."

Szarek said the car landed on its roof, its hood flying off into the neighbor's yard. Bricks from the retaining wall were strewn down the block.

When the car finally landed, Szarek said, the man crawled out of the passenger side of the vehicle feet first and started running away from police officers who had arrived on the scene.

"The cops ended up having to Taze him, he was growling at the cops," she said. "They put him in the ambulance but he was fighting pretty bad."

Szarek said an officer told her they suspect drugs were involved in the crash.

According to Caseyville Police, the driver was in custody and facing charges after the crash.

Szarek said the man was driving 70 to 100 mph when he crashed. The speed limit on that stretch of road is 30 mph.

"I'm just glad nobody was hurt," Szarek said. "Everyone makes fun of us because our house is high up on a hill, but it may have saved us."

Additional information regarding those charges or the man's identity were not immediately available.

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