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Effingham man sentenced for sending revenge porn to ex-girlfriend's friends, family

A 21-year-old Effingham man was sentenced to more than two years in prison for sending a sex video of an ex-girlfriend to her family and friends — a practice commonly known as "revenge porn."

Tristan Durre pleaded guilty to a Class 4 Felony charge of nonconsensual dissemination of a sex image. As part of the deal, another count of the same charge was dropped, according to the Effingham Daily News. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

State's Attorney Brian Kibler said the parties had reached an open plea where the prosecution agreed not to ask for more than 4 years; defense had asked for probation. Kibler said that with day-for-day sentencing and good behavior, Durre could be out of prison in a year or so.

"I would hope it would send some message that this type of egregious behavior would not be tolerated," Kibler said of the first sentencing in the county for revenge porn. "This poor girl got drug through the mud pretty hard."

Prosecutors said Durre loaded the video onto a website in March 2016 and sent an image of the victim to a man in May of that year.

The victim, 18 and in a relationship with Durre when the video was made, wrote the court a letter for his sentencing.

"I get constant ridicule whenever I go home," she wrote in the letter, according to the Daily News.

Kibler praised investigators and the pornography distributor for their work in the investigation.

"The city did a great job with the search warrants ... they had the data of what the IP addresses were," Kibler said.

"Durre has a lengthy criminal history," said Effingham Police Chief Jeffrey Fuesting.

When he was charged in the case, Durre had been on probation for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The man also had a conviction in Williamson County for domestic battery.

Thinking about posting nasty pictures of your ex online? Well, in 38 states — including Florida — that's illegal. "Revenge porn" is the act of posting sexually explicit images or videos of a person without their consent. Find out how who can be ch

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