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Missouri courthouse briefly placed on lockdown after alleged shooting threat

A northern Missouri courthouse was on lockdown Wednesday after a threat to “shoot up the courthouse.”

According to the North Missourian, the circuit clerk’s office in Daviess County, Missouri received a threatening call on Wednesday afternoon in which a man said he was on his way to shoot up the courthouse. The court contacted a deputy sheriff, who spoke with the man on the phone, and the person allegedly reiterated the threat, saying he was coming to shoot deputy sheriffs.

The Daviess County Courthouse was placed on lockdown until deputies were able to find the caller via his cellphone.

The North Missourian reported that Brinton Bingham, of Provo, Utah, was arrested in Colorado, having left his home in Utah.

According to the North Missourian, Bingham was angry about a $150 fine he had been assessed in Daviess County after being found guilty of possession of drug paraphernalia, a Class D misdemeanor.

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