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Man who broke into church and sawed safe open walks with 'kind of a waddle,' police say

Sometime in the hours between Palm Sunday and the Monday of Holy Week, someone broke into the church office at Little Chapel Church in Saline County and stole cash, according to police.

To do so, Saline County Sheriff's Office told WSIL-TV, a suspect spent about three hours in the church and used a reciprocating saw to cut open one safe.

The suspect apparently broke a window to gain entry into the church at 3859 Illinois 34 in Harrisburg, which is east of Marion and north of Shawnee National Forest.

The safes contained church credit cards, checks and cash.

Pastor TW Norman told WSIL that only cash seemed to be taken, "and thankfully that was under a thousand dollars."

Lt. Mike Jones told WSIL that the suspect's walk may give him away to someone.

"It's kind of a waddle and he swings his arms a lot," Jones said.

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to call the Saline County Sheriff's Office at 618-252-8661.

Mary Cooley: 618-239-2535, @MaryCooleyBND