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Men arrested on I-70 with 11-plus pounds of pot, police say

Two men remained in Fayette County Jail on Wednesday on charges of possessing more than 11 pounds of marijuana.

"That's a good pop; that's a good arrest for sure," said Trooper Adam Belcher, spokesman for Illinois State Police District 12.

Christian Peralta Martinez and Shawn Hulsey both were being held on charges of manufacturing or delivery of cannabis, trafficking cannabis and possessing cannabis, according to Fayette County court records. Each charge is for more than 5,000 grams, which is at least 11 pounds.

Hulsey is from Leggett, California, and his bail was set at $500,000. He has told the Fayette County court that he expects to be able to post the required 10 percent cash for his release on bond.

Peralta Martinez is from Miranda, California, and was also being held on $500,000 bail. Both men have bond-reduction hearings set later this month.

State's Attorney Johsua Morrison said the men were stopped on Interstate 70 and did not have any connection to Fayette County.

Belcher said there appears to be more arrests involving large amounts of drugs in the last six months to a year along Interstate 70 in Fayette and Effingham counties, but he could not say why.