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Neighbors heard loud crash, then saw flashing lights in early-morning crash

Multiple injuries were reported.
Multiple injuries were reported. Belleville Fire Department

Neighbors in the 600 block of South 10th Street in Belleville were awakened early Saturday morning by the sound of a loud crash, then flashing emergency lights.

A car went through an intersection at South 10th and Raab Avenue about 4:30 a.m. Saturday, then went down a 50-foot embankment and into a shallow creek, according to a tweet from the Belleville Fire Department. The driver and several passengers were trapped, according to the tweet.

"This isn't the first time a car has wound up in our yard," said Margaret Seper, who lives at 602 S. 10th St.

The embankment is across the street from Henry Raab School near a three-way intersection. Tire marks on the street and the yard appeared to show the car traveled south on South 10th Street before it left the roadway.

Seper heard the crash, then saw lights and men in her yard before 5 a.m. Saturday.

Josh Rosier, who lives next-door and on the other side of the ravine, said his dog began to bark and he saw an ambulance in his yard. He saw a stretcher behind put into the back of it.

"I went down there, but the firefighters were too busy. They had a lot on their hands right then," Rosier said.

The fire department's tweet stated that the driver, who was referred to as a female, and several passengers were injured.

Belleville Police were not immediate available for comment Saturday morning.

"I'm hoping it wasn't too bad," Seper said.