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USPS contract driver pleads guilty to stealing cash from Southern Illinois mail

A contract driver with the U.S. Postal Service has pleaded guilty to rifling through mail to look for money and gift cards, then throwing it away.

Paul Miller worked as a highway contract driver for USPS in late 2017, when he was caught rifling through the mail and dumping the rejects into trash or recycling bins along his route, according to court documents. He told police that he would either throw the mail away at post offices or at a trash bin at a Pilot gas station in St. Clair County off Interstate 55.

The investigation into Miller began after a postmaster on his route began receiving complaints that mail containing money and gift cards was not making it to its final destination.

Miller initially said he had rifled through the mail to look for cash, but that he had not taken anything. However, when he was told he had been caught on surveillance video using a stolen Walmart gift card, he confessed.

He pleaded guilty Thursday to theft of USPS mail by a contract postal worker. Miller served as a contract driver, picking up mail in St. Louis and driving it to Montgomery County, Illinois, and back. He was charged in January.

He's set to be sentenced in early August.