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Carlyle Lake beaches closed to check for debris in the water

Carlyle Lake beaches are closed as officials work to prepare the swimming areas and make sure there is no debris in the water for the summer season, according to a Facebook post from those who manage the lake.

Possible debris may have come into the swimming areas because of high water.

"At this time the Carlyle Lake Project is working diligently to open all swimming beaches," a post on Sunday said. "Swimming areas must be inspected by a dive team and buoys set in place for the safety of our visitors before they are open for the season."

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said the beaches were still closed for the season when people began swimming at the lake. Dive teams will be checking the area this weekend for debris. Once the area is cleared and buoys are set up, the beaches will open, she said.

Even though an opening date has yet to be determined, officials said they expect beaches to be opened for swimming by Memorial Day weekend.