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Did Dish Network call you? They might owe you $1,200.

If you got a telemarketing call for Dish Network in 2010 and 2011, they might owe you $1,200.

Dish Network recently lost a $61 million class action lawsuit alleging it continued to call people on the national Do Not Call Registry for sales pitches. Now lawyers are saying they are having trouble convincing people to sign up for the money they’re owed, according to CBS News.

That's because most people think it’s a telemarketing scam. CBS reports that when the attorneys’ staff calls the phone numbers Dish Network called in violation of the list, many of them assume it is a scam, not a potential settlement of $1,200. They refuse to answer, or hang up on them.

The jury awarded $400 for each of 51,000 calls made in violation of the registry, but the judge later decided Dish Network “willfully and knowingly” violated the law, and tripled the damages. Dish Network is appealing.

In the meantime, a website has been set up for people to determine whether they are eligible for payment. The case is Krakauer v. Dish Network.

CBS reports that there has been a 120 percent increase in complaints about violations of the Do Not Call Registry since 2014. More than 230 million phone numbers are registered to avoid telemarketing calls.

Further information on the Krakauer case can be found at the litigation website. Claims must be filed by June 18.

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