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Collinsville City Council votes against renewal of City Manager Scott Williams’ contract

The Collinsville City Council voted 3-2 against extension and renewal of City Manager Scott Williams’ contract at its Monday night meeting. Effective July 17, Williams will be placed on administrative leave.

Mayor John Miller and Councilmen Cheryl Brombolich and Jeff Stehman voted against renewal, with Councilmen Nancy Moss and Jeff Kypta voting for renewal.

Williams declined to comment.

This comes after Moss and Kypta accused Miller and Brombolich of calling for Williams’ termination because of his investigation of alleged “ethical failures” by Miller and Brombolich.

The reason that Miller and Brombolich previously gave the council for why Williams should be terminated is that “employees don’t like him,” according to Moss.

Miller said during the meeting the city manager’s integrity was not in question, rather his “ability to manage” was in question.

It was standing room only at the meeting, with more than 75 people in attendance.

Public opinion expressed during the meeting was both for and against renewal of the city manager’s contract.

Some called for the resignation of Miller and Brombolich. Some expressed concern that Moss and Kypta would talk about closed-session matters publicly.

Miller responded to accusations that he received truckloads of dirt for his backyard in August 2014 and neglected to pay for the dirt until recently, saying “Yes, I did receive dirt in my backyard.”

Moss and Kypta alleged this was a violation of the Illinois Gift Ban Act.

Miller said a city employee told him “I can get you all the dirt you want.” He said he took it as a “friendly statement.”

“If I betrayed your trust, I’m sorry,” Miller said during the meeting.

“I’m sorry a person that I call a friend took this avenue to stick it down my throat,” he added.

Brombolich responded to accusations, saying she was “one of many” city employees who used a city credit card for personal purchases.

“I did not try to hide it,” Brombolich said during the meeting.

Responding to the 2006 Lady Kahoks Booster Club investigation, she said it was a “disgruntled parent” who accused her of theft.

“The only thing I was guilty of is volunteering my time for the last 20-plus years to various youth groups in the city of Collinsville,” Brombolich said.

The vote regarding Williams’ contract did not come until after 11 p.m. following almost a hour of discussion in closed session. Williams will receive full pay and benefits until Sept. 3 when his contract expires.

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