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Don’t Miss This: State leaders want to enlist alligator gar in fight vs. Asian carp

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▪ If Illinois leaders get their way, a giant fish with a mouth full of sharp teeth will soon be swimming in the state’s waterways.

House and Senate lawmakers have passed a resolution to reintroduce the alligator gar to state waters in effort to battle Asian carp.

The alligator gar can grow to be up to eight feet long, has a large mouth of teeth similar to its namesake and can weigh up to 300 pounds.

It was originally native to Illinois but has been extinct in the state since 1966.

▪ A Belleville man has bounced back from a horrific accident to make the most out of his life.

Jeremy Genin, 35, operates Functional Fitness in St. Louis. He credits a 2003 accident that left him crushed between two train cars as the inspiration for pushing him to come back stronger than ever.

▪ East St. Louis Township Supervisor Oliver Hamilton has spent nearly $85,000 on taxpayer-paid credit cards, according to public records.

His spending includes $34 car washes, Las Vegas vacations and gifts for political allies. But Hamilton insists that he’s done nothing wrong.