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Madison County Transit updating free ride IDs

Madison County Transit is in the midst of having riders who have Free-Fare or Half-Fare IDs update their ride cards by the end of June.

The changes are part of MCT’s new automated fare collection system, where people with Free-Fare IDs receive new smartcards, according to the agency.

All current ID holders must attend an ID distribution session before June 30, to have a new photo and ID issued, the agency said.

To facilitate the distribution of new IDs, MCT is hosting sessions from 1 to 4 p.m. on Thursdays through the end of the month at Edwardsville Station at 160 Hillsboro Ave.

MCT Half Fare IDs will not be issued on smartcards, but must be replaced by June 30, the agency said.

To obtain a new Smartcard ID, individuals must meet all current eligibility guidelines and bring the necessary documentation.

Madison County seniors age 75 and up, and those who are at least 65 and enrolled in the Benefits Access program, can receive free rides on MCT fixed routes by showing a valid ID, and proof for Benefits Access enrollment at an MCT ID distribution event.

Those riders can also receive half-fare rides on Metro in St. Clair County and Missouri.

Seniors 65 and up can receive a MCT Half Fare ID by attending an MCT ID distribution event.

Disabled individuals with a valid Medicare card or Illinois issued Disable ID may receive a Half Fare ID by showing a valid photo ID at a MCT ID distribution session.

This ID is valid for half-fare rides on any MCT fixed-route bus and on Metro in St. Clair County and in Missouri.

For more information about the new IDs, go to