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How much did workers earn? Five more cities on BND’s public pay database

An analysis of salary records for 10 metro-east cities shows that 25 percent of their public employees made at least $65,000 in 2015.

Half of Collinsville employees, or 113 out of 225, made at least that much. That’s compared to 37 percent of Alton employees, 35 percent in Waterloo and 31 percent in Fairview Heights.

Other cities in the database include Highland (17 percent of employees paid at least $65,000), Red Bud (10 percent), Madison (10 percent), Carlyle (9 percent) and Lebanon (5 percent).

The city with the lowest number of workers making $65,000 or more was Chester, where only two public employees out of 172 took home that amount last year. That’s just above 1 percent.

Salary information for these cities, as well as four other cities, six counties, a dozen schools, Southwestern Illinois College and Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville is available at

The median salary for employees who made at least $20,800 — $10 an hour for a full 2,080-hour work year — was $62,614.23, which was earned by a Chester police officer.

A look at the salary information by city and job type shows that employees with the Fairview Heights Police Department earned the highest average salary, $78,637.56, for all departments that had at least three workers who made above $20,800. The lowest-earning department was the Chester gas utility, at $38,840.83.

Alton, Collinsville and Lebanon did not provide department information to the News-Democrat.

Here are the top two highest-paid employees in each town:

▪  Alton: Scott Waldrup, police captain, $97,067.48

▪  Alton: Jason Simmons, chief of police, $96,964.97

▪  Carlyle: John Hodapp, electric department foreman, $77,739.44

▪  Carlyle: Steve Lappe, sewer department foreman, $70,228.46

▪  Chester: Kenneth Surman, sewer department, $95,634.94

▪  Chester: Joseph Jany, police officer, $69,747.40

▪  Collinsville: Scott Williams, former city manager, $124,645.85

▪  Collinsville: Dustin Katich, fire captain, $109,496.86

▪  Fairview Heights: Michael Hoguet, police lieutenant, $138,221.91

▪  Fairview Heights: Kurt Schutz, police officer, $125,912.86

▪  Highland: Mark Latham, city manager, $132,446.43

▪  Highland: Terry Bell, public safety director, $113,105.52

▪  Lebanon: Penny Pinkstaff, water/sewer department, $74,829.26

▪  Lebanon: Steve Knepper, police sergeant, $67,796.59

▪  Madison: Jim Hutchings, sergeant, $93,541.00

▪  Madison: Michael Renth, sergeant, $88,791.00

▪  Red Bud: Thomas Caverly, electric leadman, $71,390.42

▪  Red Bud: Jeffrey Mueller, code administrator, $71,221.20

▪  Waterloo: Timothy Birk, director of public works, $127,844.00

▪  Waterloo: Shawn Kennedy, budget officer, $103,855.94