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Payrolls for 14 cities, 12 school districts found in BND’s Public Pay Database

Ten more townships in Southwestern Illinois have been added to the BND’s Public Pay Database, which is available at

They are: Alton, Breese, East Fork, Edwardsville, Fayetteville, Freeburg, Helvitia, Jarvis, Lebanon and Marine.

The Public Pay Database chronicles the salaries of public employees who are paid by taxpayers. It contains employees at all levels of local government, including cities, townships, colleges and universities and public school districts.

The BND includes salary information as it gets it. As such, the Public Pay Database is a living document, constantly being updated. Some government bodies operate on a fiscal year, others on a calendar year. So comparisons are not always for the exact same time period. In general, however, the information found there is for 2015 salaries, or the latest available.

Currently, workers’ pay is available for the following 14 cities: Alton, Belleville, Carlyle, Centreville, Chester, Collinsville, Edwardsville, Fairview Heights, Highland, Lebanon, Madison, O’Fallon, Red Bud and Waterloo.

Besides those listed above, other townships are Belleville Township, Caseyville Township, Collinsville Township, Engelmann Township, Mascoutah Township, O’Fallon Township and Shiloh Township.

Twelve school districts available are Belle Valley School District 119, Belleville SD 118, Belleville THSD 201, Central SD 104, Collinsville CUSD 10, Harmony Emge SD 175, Highland CUSD 5, O’Fallon SSD 90, O’Fallon THSD 203, Shiloh Village SD 85, Signal Hill SD 185 and Waterloo CUSD 5.

County workers’ salaries are included in Bond, Clinton, Madison, Monroe, Randolph and St. Clair counties.

And salary information is available for Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and Southwestern Illinois College.

The number of records on the News-Democrat’s Public Pay Database is approaching 16,000 people.

Besides current salaries, the Public Pay Database has information available for previous years back to 2011. The data is gathered through Freedom of Information Act requests.

It is important to remember that database gives basic compensation data and does not included retirement or insurance benefits.

More cities, townships, school districts and other layers of government will be added as they become available, so check back often.

Casey Bischel: 618-239-2655, @CaseyBischel