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Repo man, Jim Ford of Belleville, embraces Patty Kipping.
Repo man, Jim Ford of Belleville, embraces Patty Kipping.

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Repo man felt bad taking elderly couple’s car. Here’s how he made it up to them.

A sharp increase in the cost of prescription medicine and other bills were more than a match for the fixed incomes of Stanford Kipping, 82, and his wife Patty, 70.

With several $95 a month car payments left unpaid on their 1998 Buick, the repo man, Jim Ford of Belleville, stopped his tow truck in front of their house.

Then he did something that surely broke the hard code of ethics for repo men, he decided that he would pay off the Kippings’ debt and return their car to their driveway.

O’Fallon student has passion for singing

Kayla Fisher was just 9 years old when her grandmother took her to her first opera — “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

It sparked her interest in opera. The sophomore at O’Fallon Township High School began singing opera two years ago and was recently selected to participate in the Opera Theatre of Saint Louis 2016-17 class of Monsanto Artists-in-Training.

Police, onlookers at the scene of a fatal car crash in East St. Louis

A 16-year-old was pronounced dead at an accident scene following what witnesses said was a police chase in East St. Louis.

Police, however, are not confirming that a police chase was under way prior to the crash.

East St. Louis Police Chief Michael Hubbard said the teen fled East St. Louis police, crashed into a utility pole and died.

Police chief speaks about officer-involved shooting at Cahokia Walmart

The man who was shot outside the Cahokia Walmart and later died had been involved in a police pursuit earlier in the day, according to the Illinois State Police.

An unidentified Washington Park off-duty police officer fatally shot Jason P. Stringer, 35, of Centerville, who was driving his car toward the officer in the parking lot of the Walmart on Camp Jackson Road.

Highland High School senior scores perfect 36 on ACT

Good just wasn’t good enough. Really, great wasn’t even good enough. Evan Capelle was striving for perfection. And he nailed it.

On his third try, the Highland High School senior scored a 36 on the ACT, the highest possible composite score on the college assessment test.