Camper overturns on Centreville Avenue in Belleville

A Minnesota man unfamiliar with local roads made a wrong turn at the Centreville Avenue roundabout near the underpass at Illinois 15, causing the camper he was towing to tip over.

According to police, the dark green Ford Ranger the man was driving was on the roundabout and had entered the on ramp to westbound Illinois 15. Realizing he did not want to enter the highway, the man made a sharp left turn onto the ramp that allows northbound traffic on Centreville Avenue to enter westbound Illinois 15. The sharp turn caused the single-axle camper he was towing to overturn. The truck remained upright.

Neither the driver nor a passenger in the truck were hurt. A towing crew was able to get the camper upright. The camper and the rear of the truck sustained minor damage but were driveable. The driver was not ticketed.