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Devotional: Top 10 reasons for keeping Christ in Christmas

The Rev. Dr. Beverly L. Wilkes-Null, pastor Highland Hope UMC, delivers this week’s message.

How do you celebrate Christmas?

Some people have “Thanks-Christmas,” in order to accommodate all the people they must see between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Notice that I said “must see,” since they may not necessarily “want” to see everyone who mandates being seen. Unfortunately, for many families the season of Thanks-Christmas culminates in a time of total exhaustion, rather than renewal. Take a moment to exhale and imagine instead what Christmas could be like if we put Christ at the center of our Christmas.

Top 10 Reasons for Keeping Christ in Christmas

10. No charge card is needed because Christ paid it all.

9. With Christ, we can find peace in the midst of our grief.

8. With Christ, we can have a “Silent Night” in the midst of chaos.

7. Sharing the Hope of Christ with the poor is the mission of Santa or “St. Nicholas.”

6. With Christ, the “Golden Rule” rules. (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.)

5. Christ brings the “amazing” to us through Grace.

4. Christ transforms our chaotic “holidays” into restful holy days.

3. Good Friday trumps Black Friday.

2. Jesus really is the reason for the season.

1. It is His birthday.

How will you celebrate Christmas this year?

Rev. Dr. Beverly L. Wilkes-Null

Highland Hope UMC