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Highland man floats his boat, sinks his truck in Greenville lake

A Highland man successfully put his boat into the waters of Governor Bond Lake on May 9, but submerged his truck and trailer in the process.

Sgt. Deb Keserauskis of the Greenville Police Department said that the 45-year-old man was attempting to back his boat into the lake when the accident happened. Keserauskis said the man lost control of his boat, which then caused him to lose control of his truck and trailer. Both the truck and trailer ended up submerged in the lake, while his boat remained floating.

A tow truck was summoned and pulled both the truck and the trailer from the water.

Keserauskis said the only injuries inflicted by the mishap were maybe to the driver’s pride.

“The guy is probably still embarrassed about it,” she said. “But that stuff happens.”