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Wendy and Craig Sadler have June Yard of the Month in Highland

Highland Garden Club has awarded the first Yard Of The Month for 2017. The award goes to Wendy and Craig Sadler at 1401 Lemon St.

The two-story charming vintage home and yard are partially enclosed with a black iron fence. Basically everything in the yard was designed by Craig and Wendy.

“When we moved in, the house was a normal yard — no fencing, no flowers really around the house — so we went to work,” Craig said.

Visitors are greeted by an arbor and brick landscape walls that flank the sidewalk to the front door. An unusual mailbox located near their front door is reminiscent of those found in England and reminds the family of their time spent living abroad.

On the front lawn, an iron bench, flanked by potted ferns, invites guests to sit and enjoy the view. Trumpet vine, a hibiscus tree and hydrangea fill out this front yard. Mature trees adorn the space between the sidewalk and the street. A whiskey barrel, bicycle with baskets and hanging planters are just a few of the containers holding colorful flowers.

Daylily, hydrangea, roses and a black raspberry bush line the side yard. Stroll along the sidewalk on the north side of the home and view the inviting back yard and patio.

Colorful pots adorn the back porch. Just off the porch is a seating area with a fire pit, where you can hear the calming sounds of a nearby fountain. Next to the antique well pump are containers with tomato plants, and an old birdbath now holds a fairy garden. Near the garage is a trellis with clematis, drive by at night and you may see the solar powered lights adorning the trellis.

Plants and personal touches in this well-manicured yard and garden brighten the view of this established neighborhood.

The yard is ever changing. Craig and Wendy said hopefully next year it will look even more different.

“It is definitely a labor of love. We really enjoy it,” Wendy said. “It has come a long way. We would like to do more, but it just takes time.”

The Sadlers would also like to thank their neighbors for nominating them for Yard of the Month.

“It was a big surprise, and we very much appreciate it,” Wendy said.

How to nominate a yard


▪ All residences, including houses, apartments, townhouses, villas and condominiums within Helvetia and Saline townships are eligible.

▪ Yard of the Month winners may win the contest only one time in a two-year period.

▪ Residents may nominate their own yard or any yard for Yard of the Month.

▪ Entries must be received by the 15th of the month. One entry per household will suffice for the season.

▪ Nominations may be submitted by calling the Chamber of Commerce, 654-3721, emailing Penny Korte at the chamber office at penny@highlandillinois.com, or contacting any Highland Garden Club Member with the name, address and phone number of the nominee.

Judging criteria

▪ Visual Attractiveness: The yard being judged must be visible from a public street, alley, path or sidewalk and must display general curb appeal.

▪ Creativity: Personal touches such as yard art, bird baths and feeders, etc. are encouraged.

▪ Originality: Unique while maintaining cohesiveness with the neighborhood.

▪ Beautification: Yard must improve the look of the home and overall neighborhood.

▪ Overall Maintenance: Well-maintained grass, trimmed hedges, flowerbeds, etc.